Water at it mostsublime

A true gift of nature, Eau de Treignac will revive and refresh your interest in drinking mineral water. Unlike other products on the market, its mildly tangy taste will excite your taste buds, bringing out every flavour to the full.

The prestigious water's delightfully soft feel in the mouth will stimulate your senses as it introduces them to a whole new range of experiences.

Delight in the unique properties of Eau de Treignac - a 'fine vintage' among mineral waters - as a wellspring for surprise and promise from deep within. As though you were discovering water for the first time or becoming suddenly reacquainted with it.

Water as art

The elegantly designed bottle offers a foretaste of its exquisitely refined content: crystal-clear and exceedingly refreshing, Eau de Treignac's flows with the utmost smoothness - the mark of its incomparable purity.

According to naturopathic practitioners, it embodies the definition of the 'perfect water'.

Its precious, crystalline qualities will create in you a sense of well-being as exhilarating melting snow that simply tantalises your taste buds.

Water from the heart of France

The village of Corrèze enjoys a unique setting, in the heart of the Millevaches regional nature park. This stage on the Santiago de Compostella route features a great many fountains steeped in history and legend.

Eau de Treignac : L'eau du Cœur de la France

French Excellence

The Monédières Massif, situated between the 'Rocher des Folles' and 'Saut de la Virolle', is a natural rampart that protects the precious source.

The water is drawn at a constant temperature of 9.5°C after it has been filtered naturally in granite sand soil.

It is this characteristic feature that gives Eau de Treignac its purity, its calcium- and carbonate-free composition and low mineral content (20 mg of dry residue).

Water at its most authentic

Thanks to these intrinsically rare properties, Eau de Treignac is one of the purest and lightest waters in Europe.

It is also ideal for infants and for people on low-salt diets.

Eau de Treignac's taste qualities meet the requisite criteria for bringing out the organoleptic qualities of tea and coffee in full.

Overall, it preserves the organoleptic properties of diluted products.

Eau de Treignac : une Eau Authentique

Production unit

The factory is located in the hamlet of Borzeix.

The water is drawn at a distance of approximately 3,200 metres from the production site.

The bottling production line complies fully with the specifications laid down by the Departmental Health and Social Affairs Directorate (DDASS): filtration, clean room and purification standards.

The bottling of spring water transformed into mineral water is subject to Prefectoral authorisation.

The bottling production line is designed to manage a variety of PET and glass formats.

The quality of the water and production procedures undergo regular checks, in compliance with water legislation provisions and Regional Health Agency (ARS) requirements.

Eau de Treignac : Son unité de production

Quality follow-up

Composition Averagein mg/L

Calcium 1,20
Bicarbonates < 25
Magnesium < 0,50
Chloride 3,20
Sodium 2,8
Sulphates < 1
Potassium < 0,50
Nitrates 3
Fluoride < 0,20
Nitrites < 0,02
Silica 6,60
Dry residue 20 à 180°C

All quality procedures are set out in a quality handbook covering operating methods and procedures that are updated on a regular basis. Quality assurance and laboratory operations are placed under the responsibility of a medical biologist.

Production quality procedures cover abstraction, the distributor system, pipeline, the production line and the end product.

The inspection and purification status of installations, upstream of the production site are scheduled at regular intervals. The local authority is liable for maintenance of the Immediate Protection Perimeter and the relevant utilities.

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The quality of the end product is ascertained through internal controls at the Société des Eaux de Source de Treignac.

The plant's in-house laboratory conducts on analyses a daily basis several times a day, in compliance with statutory provisions.

The monthly analysis and full annual analyses, as required by water legislation provisions and Regional Health Agency requirements, are conducted by the Departmental laboratory.

Production security is governed by an HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) manual.

Product range

150cl Plastic bottle

6 bottles per pack

84 packs per pallett (504 bottles)

75cl Glass bottle

12 bottles per box

60 boxes per pallett (720 bottles)

75cl Plastic bottle

12 bottles per box

60 boxes per pallett (720 bottles)

40cl Plastic bottle

24 bottles per box

54 boxes per pallett (1296 bottles)

Limited Edition

Treignac water comes back every year with a new Limited Edition. An exclusive design created for the end-of-year celebrations that highlights all the fineness and elegance of the glass bottle.

Its thin and refined design reflects the primary characteristics of this exceptional water : it is an invitation to taste.




Eau de Brume de Treignac

L'Eau de Brume de Treignac, hydratante, rafraîchissante et apaisante, contient une proportion de silice très élevée (33%), principe actif anti-oxydant, cicatrisant et, après pénétration cutanée, stabilisateur du collagène.
Cet effet est particulièrement marqué du fait de la faible minéralité de l'Eau de Treignac.

Elle possède des propriétés hydratantes et réparatrices qui font d'elle une eau de qualité supérieure.
En projection sur le visage, l'Eau de Brume de Treignac atteint la peau en douceur, tels des flocons de neige.

En plus d'apaiser et de rafraîchir, l'Eau de Brume améliore la qualité des peaux à imperfections, fatiguées et irritées grâce à un rapport calcium/magnésium particulièrement élevé.

La Brume de Treignac est un soin essentiel pour le plaisir d'une peau douce et souple, et un teint éclatant de santé.

Bien être pour votre peau







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